rebel Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in Columbus, OH that was founded in 2013. rebel Financial was created to serve our clients and employees before profit margins. We’ve worked to reduce bureaucracy, increase efficiency, limit conflicts of interest, and find ways to add more value to our clients and, in these ways, we do rebel against the ordinary.


A team is only as strong as its individual parts. Fortunately, one of the strengths of being small is that we have the ability to recruit, train, and monitor all of our team members on an individual basis. We are proud of the wonderful team we have to serve you.

Successfully planning for your future requires placing a high degree of trust with your advisor and other trusted professionals. You must share your inner aspirations and divulge information on your most valued possessions. We value this trust that is placed in us and hold sacred our responsibilities to you, our clients, in this relationship.

We are Fee-Only

We are a Fiduciary

We provide exceptional service

We maintain cutting edge technology

We offer multiple custodians

We offer simple and transparent pricing

Our Investment Philosophy

Investment management is the most common service we perform for our clients. It is not the core of what we do, that is planning we mentioned above, but it is the main means by which we help our clients leverage their hard work and capital to accomplish their goals. Our general philosophy shines through into our investing because we manage our clients’ money very scientifically and systematically by helping them choose an investment strategy that will help them achieve their goals with the highest probability of success with the statistically least amount of risk for their specific goals and desires. Read more.

Our Financial Planning Philosophy

rebel Financial is a true financial planning company that specializes in retirement & estate planning and is dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients above all other considerations. We:

  • Specialize in actually building plans.
  • Only hire CFPs to build plans.
  • Are "Fee-Only."
  • Always a Fiduciary to clients.

Our Tax Preparation Philosophy

At rebel Financial we believe in helping people to "Liberate their Financial Future" and  tax preparation was always something that has frustrated us so we created our own solution for clients. rFTax is our newest service born because we were unhappy with the three most common choices for most taxpayers: 1-Online DIY software that leaves most taxpayers feeling very uncertain about their returns, 2-Big box tax retailers which charge way too much for basically having someone else fill in the online software, or 3-Expensive CPA firms that are generally very good but too expensive and overkill for most taxpayers.

So we wanted to create a service for our clients that matched many CPA firms' quality but in a very customer-centric manner, at a cost that was less than what most of big-box tax retail preparers would charge. Our goal is to provide our clients with very accurate, convenient, high-speed and affordable tax preparation. While we are very excited and confident in our new tax preparation services, we want to be clear that we still routinely recommend hiring a larger CPA firm or tax attorney if/when your situation becomes overly complex and/or unique.

We'd love to have the opportunity to see how we might be able to help you plan for a brighter financial future!

rebel Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor that provides retirement planning, estate planning, financial planning, and investment management services to individual and institutional clients. To get a more detailed description of the company, its management, and practices, view our (form ADV, Part2A) and Disclosures.
Fiduciary & Fee-Only Financial Advisors and Planners

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